Sleeping With Onion Under Your Feet – 7 Benefits

Benefits Of Sleeping With Onion Under Your Feet

There are many benefits of sleeping with onion under your feet, but most people don’t know them because they haven’t tried it yet. The fact that only 3% of the world population know these simple secrets that could help them stay healthy and happy most of their lives should tell you something! Let’s have a look at the 7 amazing benefits of sleeping with onion under your feet

An onion has many health benefits, including the ability to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders, as well as depression and anxiety. Due to these beneficial properties, people have been sleeping with onion under their feet for years! In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the main health benefits of sleeping with onion under your feet, as well as how to go about this powerful ritual. In the end, you’ll have an understanding of what to expect from this process. 

What’s the secret to getting great sleep? Sleeping with onion under your feet! It’s true! So how does it work, you ask? Well, when you rest your head on your pillow at night, you’re actually putting pressure on the veins in your head that normally work to remove toxins from your brain while you sleep. Onion, however, has some pretty potent detoxification properties that help fight off any harmful chemicals in your body that might be stopping you from getting quality sleep.

Sleeping With Onion Under Your Feet – 7 Benefits

Sleeping with onion under your feet can help you stay energized and boost your overall health in the morning. Read on to find out how you can reap its benefits yourself and get ready to start your day off right!

Benefits Of Sleeping With Onion Under Your Feet
Sleeping With Onion Under Your Feet

1)Enhances blood circulation: While sleeping with onions under your feet, blood circulation in your body is improved. This way, fresh blood reaches each and every organ in your body including the brain. It’s one of its biggest benefits. Apart from improving blood circulation, onion also has anti-inflammatory properties which keep joints healthy by reducing arthritic pain. Onion also plays a vital role in decreasing cholesterol levels in our bodies. It lowers it down significantly that ensures healthy heart functioning for years to come.

2) Clear the blood: A popular Chinese medicine method for opening blood flow in your body is to place sliced onions under your feet before bed. This is an excellent way to naturally get rid of toxins and bad blood while you sleep. Not only will you wake up feeling more refreshed, but you’ll notice a change in your overall health as well.

3) Hydrate your fur: It’s no secret that onions can make you cry; eating them may make your eyes water. The smell of an onion (even if it’s cooked) can also bring tears to your eyes. There is one benefit, however, of sleeping with an onion under your feet: it will hydrate your fur! When you get up in the morning, feel how soft and shiny it is.

4) Eradicates the terrible odour of the feet: You can easily remove toxins and purify your body by sleeping with an onion under your feet. It is widely known that each of us has poisons inside our bodies, as a result of living in such a polluted environment. The best way to detoxify your body is by sweating, which helps eliminate those poisons from your skin pores. This can be done by adding hot water into a bathtub and then submerging yourself into it for 20 minutes at least twice a week.

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5) Rebuilds: For anyone with aches and pains, and onion under your feet at night is said to help rebuild your connective tissue. Onions are rich in sulphur, a natural anti-inflammatory that has been known to ease joint pain. In fact, studies have found that those who ate onions as part of their diet had lower rates of heart disease and cancer. So if you’re having trouble sleeping, let an onion work its magic on those aching feet!

6) Facilitates the elimination of poisons: In Chinese medicine, onions are often used to support detoxification and to facilitate the elimination of poisons from the body. In fact, eating an onion a day is a common remedy for those who have been exposed to radiation or other harmful toxins. Onions can be especially helpful for those with serious diseases such as cancer and AIDS, where constant detoxification is critical to your health. Another benefit of sleeping with an onion under your feet is that it promotes peaceful sleep without nightmares.

7) Assist battle diseases: A lot of skin diseases like, cutaneous leishmaniasis, ringworm, dermatitis and scabies can be cured with onion. All you need to do is cut onions in half and keep them underneath your feet while sleeping. The pungent smell emitted by onions will help get rid of these skin infections naturally.

This is far we can go, There are also other benefits you can enjoy when you sleep with an onion. make sure you try it out tonight! Have a wonderful week.

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